Alcoholic beverage v Kava broth, pros and cons

This is a follow on from my previous post The alternative to drinking alcohol is drinking Kava? Here, I’m attempting to compare wine with a Kava broth – both the pros and cons in terms of taste, beneficial and navigate side-effects and perception (yeah, perception…) are up for comparison. Why? well, this is so I can uncover elements and direction to creating a Kava Wine and/ or Beer, and by comparing the two will galvanize reasons for drinking Kava over alcoholic drinks.

Wine Pros vs Kava Cons

Layers of tasteBitter taste
Buzz with one glass2-3 shells for a buzz
(depending on strength)
Loss of inhibitions
(creates confidence)
Causes drowsiness
Unique (acquired) tasteUnique (acquired) taste
Pre-made Labor intensive
Long shelf life
Short shelf life
(1-2 days, refrigerated)
Socially accepted
(Western ideals)
Socially misunderstood
(Western concepts)
Pairs with foodDoes not pair with anything
Complex flavorsOne flavor
Established heritage
(valuable investment)
Established heritage
(no collectable value)
Pleasant aromasNo smell
Health benefits
(may reduce your risk of dementia, depression, and some cancers)
Liver damage concerns
(has been reported to cause hepatitis)

Overall, this comparison highlights the materiel value of wine over kava. The taste of wine and its pleasant effects also out-run kava as a “social ready”, convenient drink to unwind at the end of a busy day. Of course there are exceptions, kava is a social drink by tradition – however its ease of use and extension to be enjoyed with food is found to be lacking. Brewing/ making an alternative drink with kava (a Kava Wine) as its source ingredient would need to fundamentally consider these pros.

Wine Cons vs Kava Pros

HangoversNo hangovers
(changes natural behavior)
Not psychoactive
(is a muscle relaxant)
Addictive Not addictive
(body builds immunity to alcohol)
Reverse tolerance
(body needs less to feel effects)
Cause anxiety and depressionTreats anxiety and depression
Damages brain functionImproves brain function
ExpensiveCheep to consume
(in comparison)
Taxed/ regulated drug Not taxed or regulated

Although it appears like a short list, the lasting benefits of kava over wine far out run its materiel value. To say kava has health benefits would be naive, the abuse of using kava has been well documented and caution must be taken when studies (in to its lasting affects) are still being conducted. However, when compared to alcohol, kava can be (or is) a winner as an alternative drink to dealing with the negative side effects of wine or beer. The challenge comes to down to taste each time – if a ready, drinkable beverage, promising the lasting effects of kava was available – it would be the first choice every time.