Becoming an Educational Developer

So, I’m not only teaching digital photography but now I’ve chosen to blend my skills into an Educational Developer role. Blended learning or hybrid teaching is not a new method of education, however it is becoming more popular with our Connected Culture…

By 2004 over 100 courses were delivered online by, it’s safe to say that institutions, such as polytechnics were finding it hard to provide an infrastructure for tuition videos and online material, not to mention a whole new skill-set to be embedded in to an already established, ‘tried and tested’ method of teaching. Here we are in 2015 and facing a crisis of evolution, do we grow with the future focused methodologies of primary education and deliver a more autodidactic higher education?

Well, I’m in the camp where it’s not all ‘signpost and find your own way’. Self learning is a necessary requirement for any learner, but supplying content online for the learner to access, evaluate, analyse, apply and comprehend is not a one-stop-shop. All out e-learning is only suitable for certain types of learners (I wrote more about this here), however the benefits are equal for all.

So, to be a part of an educational institution where I teach in the classroom fully, teach online fully and now I’m advocating a leap in education where a blend of the two will be implemented, compels me to document my discoveries. It’s an exciting time for education, the ability to learn online by yourself is widely available, but to guided by professionals in physical, practical in-the-classroom activities as well as strong online delivery… the future roll of a higher Ed tutor is never going to be the same again.