Demographic Game Logo Design

In oder to theme or style the game of Demographics, a concept first needed to come up with something that reflected the hierarchy of the use of the demographics. Art Deco became the obvious choice because of its elegant and stylish feel, the style also oozes sophistication and a richness more akin to wealth and power. Running a few test ideas on a name for the game, one being the main choice “demography” and the other “soc-emo”, “soc” is taken from the word “social” and “emo” has been taken from the three letters in “demographics. However as interesting and unique as “soc-emo” may sound, its far too obscure to be the name of a top-trump-style card game. Demography “A game of Social Demographics” is the winner from the two. The logo design has taken influence from poster designs and architecture of the 1920 art movement.

Leonetto Cappiellos work ahsd been the main influence of the conceptual style, his poster designs use negative space give an air of unease or darkness that suites the mood of the game. The movement or speeding lines used iconicity in all Art Deco architecture has been incorporated in to the logo, along with silhouettes and geometric patterns. Heres a few type concepts.

Here is the final logo design ready to rock and roll… and now its 2:10am monday, i’ve been up since 6am sunday, i’m off to bed.