Demography Box Prototype (mk1)

Before the Demography Game box goes to print, its vital that a test version is made to make sure nothing is missed and possible constriction problems are squashed. The Box started with taking material samples of the Cards and stacking them to the quantity needed, doing this gives a ‘real’ measurement of the cards in a stack and an accurate measurement for the height of the box! The instruction manual was also considered, when folded down to the right dimensions it adds an extra 7mil to the height. So on that note heres how the prototype box was made, starting with a custom made net…

Authors Note: this article like the others in this category are part of my Masters Degree in Art and Design and are works in progress, so you’ll have to forgive the bad grammar and spelling in places.

Sizing the playing cards

Measuring card stack for height of box

Tools – Getting started with various dimensions of card and folded instructions

The game box sections, measured and cut to their nets.

Cutting out Box net

Folding Box net

Two sections slot together

Filling the inner section with playing cards

The Box – something is missing!

Yeap, thats right, something is missing. The box is far too conventional and considering its contents, the weight of the cards are highly likely push the inner section out when you pick the dammed thing up, spilling the playing cards all over the floor. Disaster averted, we flip the box upside down and bingo a unique box with less chance of cocking up is born!

Re-taping sections – trying something new



Gunner cut a hole in the top as a “push hole” for inner section


Sections together

How it may work – flip the box, push your finger through the hole…

…and it opens


Rough the design

Paint it up

It seams to work – we’ll make this for real next