Demography Playing Card Designs

Taking the partially finished items to the printers was exciting enough but getting the chance to choose cutting plates and materials on sight was even better thanks to Ian Board at Bex Design in Wiltshire UK. With pre-made templates and clear objectives, the meeting with Bex went really well, smooth and to the point, without confusion samples of card, paper and Acetate were ‘geekely’ scrutinised to get the best result. Ian at Bex Design is one of those guys who not only becomes passionate about running a business but, loves the materials and methods of high end digital and screen printing. The playing cards were chosen to be printed on 1mm compound board to add a little more weight (a decision carefully considered), better than thiner, more conventional card. And screen printed on the reverse side and digitally printed on the front to give a crisp, sharp and smooth luster to the type… nice. The printing material for the Commercial/ Social Tree also went under scrutiny, better than paper (for the size), we decided to use a mid weight Acetate, more commonly used for commercial exterior banners and adhesive vehicle Decals.

Authors Note: this article like the others in this category are part of my Masters Degree in Art and Design and are works in progress, so you’ll have to forgive the bad grammar and spelling in places.

Building a body of influential material

Laying out each card – all 103 of them

choosing the right cutting plate

Choosing the cutting plate at Bex Design Ltd

What is happening next… is the design of the box for the Demography cards… design not included right now but it will be in print ‘v’ soon.

The Demography and Monopoly playing card similarities

The Commercial/ Social Tree, finished and sent to print… no going back or redesigning now (well not without great expense).

Commercial Tree Design

Commercial/ Consumer Tree