Designing my Luton Game Badges

This is a collection of handmade badges created for one of my Masters projects. The brief asked us to look at Luton as from an alternative perspective, using the sense of “self” and location in and around the town as the theme. I started developing my concept by walking Luton, the obvious presented itself everywhere, the mixed and diverse cultures, the stark divide between new and old, but most of all the “need” to consume. Its this desire and need to consume (I guess everywhere in Western culture, not just Luton), that made me think it’s all just a game, a game of “display”…

You can never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy. – Eric Hoffer

So its with this notion that i decided to create a set of Luton Game Badges. The idea is the badges will guide you through the Luton Game, each badge or Power-Up enables you progress further and to the next level. For example using the “Speed Icon” badge will get you Addidas trainers helping you run faster, the “Cash Icon” badge will get you money… however there are Trick-Ups that will cause the player problems in play, the “Force Field” badge (a broken condom) will cause obvious problems, and the Trick-Up “Cash Icon” (is actually an RBS withdrawal… bad investment). So in a roundabout way these badges are simply meant as a bit of an arty cartoon, poking fun at our need to “own” and “consume” the fact they are conceived in Luton, really has no significance, they’re simply a comment on Western society’s fascination with materialism!