Free Slimline DVD Inlay Template

Free to Download, Slimline DVD Inlay Template for Photoshop

Some time ago I produced a series of DVD covers for my own projects, I’d also use them as photo CD covers for clients, Wedding Photos and the such. Designing and creating all these covers required a versatile template for a slimline DVD case. Like so many designers my first point of call was doing a search for “DVD inlay templates”, and yeah, I found a few good ones, but so many didn’t really suit a quick and versatile work flow in Photoshop. So I decided to make my own which could hold a design and be printed quickly on A4 paper, its this template I’m giving to you, I’ve found it an invaluable tool in my design arsenal and I hope you will to.

Download Template


Teaching grandma how to suck eggs

This Template is suitable for A4 printer paper, it’s also sized be printed as a Borderless A4 document, on Glossy, Matt and Standard paper grounds (it doesn’t matter, whatever your printer will take).

  • Green Safety Line: keep your designs main elements (text) within these lines.
  • Pink Bleed Line: allow your design to overlap this line.
  • Black and White Cut Line: keep this guide on when printing, use it to cut your design to size.
  1. Download the template.
  2. Open the template in Photoshop.
  3. Layout your design between the “Background layer” and the “Guides folder” (keep the Guides folder as the top level layer).
  4. Open the Guides folder and turn off every folder and layer except the “Cut Line” layer.
  5. Print the template with A4 Borderless Print settings.
  6. Cut your design from the template along the “cut lines”.
  7. Put it in your Slimline DVD Case… happy days!