LG Optimus Hyper Facade

On the 7th of September 2010 LG impressed the public at IFA 2010 with an astonishing use of 3D façade mapping in Kulturbaruerei, Berlin, to highlight the newly announced range of Optimus Smartphones and Tablet devices. The projection opens with a countdown before the building contorts and shifts to create an “android” which ominously towers over its onlookers. The funky looking Bot displays a multilingual welcome message, presents its beating heart (make of that what you will) and finally merges back in to the building. The fifteen-minute ad campaign also includes curious whales, ice skaters, a giant octopus, and steaming jungles. The show concludes with the official Optimus Series tagline “Optimize Your Life!”… nice, cue a round of applause!

3D projection on this scale uses extensive 3D mapping of a buildings alcoves and architectural features to exaggerate the 3d affect. Before the CGI animation is created an accurate 3D model is mapped by using laser scanning the façade. The building is then created digitally as a 3D canvas to present the animation, and finally projected back on to the building from a prime position giving the desired 3D affect. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the company who created the projection but when I do I’ll add them to this post.

However 3D and 2D façade mapping is not all that new, many companies, such as easyweb.fr have been projecting on buildings for their own ad campaigns, and lets not forget the famous “Vote Gail Porter” projection on the Houses Of Parliament in 1999 by the popular men’s magazine FHM. But as technology improves and 3D viewing becomes greater in demand, we’re likely to see a new wave of illuminated advertising.

Another 3D Façade Projection: Bacardi Photo-Shooting Dragon