Luton Science Fair Marketing Campaign (2012)

As part of our MA in Art and Design, we were asked to create a campaign for the newly annual Luton Science Fair, held at Bedfordshire University. we all assigned roles to our strengths in design (mine, web design) and subsequently went about creating an identity for the event. The Brief was to highlight the use of science in everyday life “Science is Everywhere”, we began outlining a simplistic style we all liked, reflecting the current trend in isotypes. Fully aware of the transient styles in design, we all agreed this was to be a good place to start, after all its just for one year, the 2012 – 2013 students will come up with their own take on the event. Here’s just a few ideas I came up with for our think tank.

LSF Poster concept 1

LSF poster concept 2

LSF poster concept 4

LSF poster concept 3

From all of our submissions we combined a style that suited our direction. Vuttiphat and Siripa designed a fantastic logo and poster concept, that we all agreed to adopt as the look and feel to the rest of the campaigns printed an online material. Heres just one of their fantastic posters below.

Vuttiphat and Siripa LSF Poster Design

From the back of this we all began creating material (printed and online). samelessly promoting my own material again (hell its my site so why not), here is the LSF website built in about 30 hours (without styling for IE 6). Enjoy and please show your support!

Full page of the LSF website