Making visual sense of ACORN consumer demographics

Making a degree of sense from ACORN and CACI demographics is a chore in its self, however there are methods used by masters that are employed in order to decipher the information and present it visually.

Authors Note: this article like the others in this category are part of my Masters Degree in Art and Design and are works in progress, so you’ll have to forgive the bad grammar and spelling in places.

We’re always looking to understand complex theories and using charts and diagrams can be a handy method understanding that information more conceptually, this method of presenting information is greatly suited to those Kinesthetic and Visual learning types, like most visually creative people, this is very much the case.

In a way, we’re all visual now. Every day, every hour, maybe even every minute, we’re looking and absorbing information via the web. We’re steeped in it. Maybe even lost in it. So perhaps what we need are well-designed, colorful and – hopefully – useful charts to help us navigate.

David McCandless – introduction to Information is Beautiful. 2009. Collins.

Taking influence from Nicholas Felton who’s an Infographic Designer, basic at the beginning stages charts and posters were produced as a possible rout to displaying the demographics.

Nicholas Felton – Infographics

Interestingly Felton produces Personal Annual Reports that present his own previous years activities into a tapestry of graphs, maps and statistics, much like the wealth of percentages of Affluent to Low Income consumers the charts aim to indicate growth or dominance of a particular social type.

The charts below organise and present the information supplied by ACORN and CACI ltd, kindly put in to table by Business Balls (dot) com, in the form of posters.

Poster 1

Poster 2

My own CACI 2005 Definition Infographic

In conclusion this experimentation has been beneficial enough to realise the advantages of formulating the demaographics in to infographic posters, visually they take on their own appeal however the seedy nature of consumer demographics is lost.