Screen Sizing Desktop Wallpaper

Recently I began making a series of new screen-casts and needed a way to re-size and position software interfaces so I could screen-record at different resolutions quickly. What I came up with was a Desktop Wallpaper with guides for common screen resolutions. Responsive testing, client screen size trouble shooting, screen casting is now super easy with this Wallpaper, I hope you find it as helpful as I do, download the whole pack or your current screen size individually. Enjoy.

Use the guides to position your interfaces for testing screen resolutions.

Should you do find these useful, please spread the word and give me a mention on twitter – it’ll be much appreciated.

Download The Pack

Download them individually

Is your screen 1024-x-768, 1280-x-1024, 1400-x-1050, 1680-x-1050, 1920-x-1080, 1920-x-1200, 2560-x-1600