The alternative to drinking alcohol is drinking Kava?

For the past 5-6 weeks, I’ve been drinking Kava at the weekends instead of my regular bottle or two of wine. The reasons for the trial switch are because of downsides to drinking alcohol – the hangover, the hangxiety, the bodily sugar imbalance and a myriad negatives, outweighing the positives.

This comes about due to the past few years, my stress has increased, personal reasons mixed with family issues, work pressures and a house renovation, culminate to smashing wine or beer at the weekend to blow off steam. I’ve never had a problem with drinking alcohol and thankfully, I’m not dependent – but lately, I’ve been looking forward to “tying one on” on a Friday evening, to blast away worries and pressures of the past week in a bath of red wine and wasted weekends, spent recovering and regretting.

So, I’ve decided to look for alternatives to drinking alcohol to unwind. And Kava might just be that suitable alternative. I enjoy the act of drinking a liquid that has some physical and physiological pleasurable effect, previously alcohol would the “go to” option. But, Kava has shown me to have great potential, both socially (when others are drinking alcohol, I drink Kava and remain a part of the evening) and privately, relaxing in-front of the TV on a evening, the sensation of sinking into the sofa, feeling chilled as a Hindu Cow is a superb sensation.

This is a great skinny on Kava and its benefits.

The challenge

But there are downsides to drinking Kava, I’m not going to get into them all right now, but to name a few top ones, it would be the taste. Kava tastes like peppery, bitter mud (not pleasant), to get a worthy effect you need to skull down a lot of it, and perpetration of a bowl is time consuming. Of course, I’m ignoring the whole prep, drink and social side of drinking Kava, as a traditional South Pacifica grog. Consuming Kava in simulacra has it’s place, but, I’m looking to consume Kava as a pleasurable drink, similar to enjoying wine, tasty beer and ale.

So, it’s my intention to hack Kava, concentrate its kavalactones into a flavorsome drink that rivals drinking wine or beer. I’m not talking about just adding Kava to surgery Ginger Beer – but rather a creating complex, layered flavors, a herb and juice drink (distilled perhaps), that compliments the Kava ingredient, that can be enjoyed like drinking a few beers on a sunny afternoon or a glass of wine with a meal.

The agenda

  1. Create a Kava (non-alcoholic) Wine – with fruit, herbs and vegetable juices combined with a refined Kava, that’s pleasurable to drink anytime.
  2. With the learning and knowledge of making a good Kava Wine – create a Kava (non-alcoholic) Beer, carbonated and moreish like a good IPA.