The Demography Game and Consumer Tree all Finished

The images below are actual shots of the Demography Game Concept created for a Masters Degree. The Box design houses 105 cards which refer to actual data collected from consumer habits or Consumer Data. This Data has been collected by Acorn and CACI who then sell this information to organisations who then taylor their marketing strategies to greater effect. The cards in this game each refer to a “Consumer Type” within a Category in this case four: “Education”, “Online”, “Health” and “Social”. The idea of the game is a bit little like Top Trumps, each player has a hand of cards and compares a value with an opponent, the higher value wins and keeps the opponents card… player with all the cards wins the game, any number (up to 105) of players can take part.

To accompany the game is a Consumer Tree, which will discover your “Social Economic Type” based on your “Consumer Habits” and “Geodemographic Segmentation”. Starting from the left hand side a player will answer a sires of questions which will identify their consumer habits and categorise them within their own type. Tracing the lines all the way through the questions the player will eventually come to the end, where they’ll discover how they stack up on the UK Class System and Acon Categorisation of consumer. Scared!? you should be, this data is frighteningly accurate!

Special thanks to Bex Design Digital and Screen Printing Solutions, none of this could have been made without them.