We bought a house!!!

Yup, we have finally bought a house in New Zealand. It’s been four years in the saving and thirty plus years in the conception. This series of blog posts will document the renovation of our house on Moenui road, Marlborough sounds.

So, to build a picture of what we’ve embarked on is a renovation of a typical kiwi batch property, it’s about 82sqm across two floors, with the two bedrooms on the first floor and kitchen, lounge and bathroom on the ground floor. The property it sits on is about 930sqm of land and is filled with ferns, native bush, cabbage trees and a smattering of various citrus trees planted by previous owners.

Front of house from Moenui road.

Front of house from Moenui road.

The house in on a slope high in the native bush with DOC land behind leading all the way up the to the ridge (so there’s building restrictions behind us), and the house is elevated with views from the Mahakipawa Arm and across the inner Pelorus Sound. The house is North facing (ish) and gets fantastic mid-day sun. The best part of the location is not just the views but the community, it reminds me of where I grew up in Wiltshire, small ‘village like’ community (without the pompous middle-class bullshit) where folk go out of there way to make you feel welcome and offer tools, food, entertainment and chit-chat to help make moving in a breeze. I can’t stress enough at how awesome the community is here in Moenui, the residents are great.


View of the Sounds from the deck.

So, that’s just an introduction to what is going to be an incredible journey… More to come. Oh, and we have a mooring, I’m gunner put a pontoon on that sucker so we can fish off it during the summer.