What the hell is Southwood Studio anyway?

Southwood Studio, is a one-man operation (me) building websites and taking high-end digital photographs for nice people in the UK. I suppose to make things clearer I should take you back to May 2007, where I created Southwood Studio as a testing ground to showcase my works in Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography. In October the location of the studio moved from a modest broom cupboard in to a 30 square foot room, within an Industrial unit in Calne, Wiltshire, where I undertook commissions to photograph product pack-shots for clients across the Southwest.

Southwood Studio Photography Area

Up until 2009 the studio was doing well with a bright future ahead of her, however I wanted a change of location and felt I needed to evolve my career, so I closed the studio and moved to Bedfordshire, where I now work as a Freelancer in the same fields and teach Digital Media for North Hertfordshire College. I considered a company name change after the move, to something like Southwood Salt, Southwood Black or Pixel Pickle, but the studio had such a good reputation I decided to kept the name, regardless of it invoking a building location or group of creatives. 2010 Southwood Studio is now the virtual home of my works and rants and no longer a physical location (but, maybe some day, it will be again).

Southwood Studio Work Area